Laptop battery for A1398 A1494 MC975 MC976 ME665 Li-ion Polymer battery
              For asus 19.5V 9.23A laptop charger
              For FX570UD X570 Black backlight RU notebook keyboard
              For FX570UD F570 NX580V X570 Black backlight RU
              For HP 15-BS RU laptop keyboard Black with Backlit keyboard
              15-DA RU
              Keyboard For ACER C370 ORG RU
              Laptop Keyboard For K55 K55A K55N K55DR RU

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              Shenzhen Colour Stone Technology Co., Ltd.

              Established in 2008, Shenzhen Colour Stone Technology Co., Ltd. is one of China's supplyers for Laptop parts.  We specialize in Laptop keyboards, A/C adapter, Panels, Battery and some accessory parts supplying. After years of development, our laptop parts have related to Toshiba, Acer, HP, IBM, and DELL Brand parts.  With years of effort on quality and marketing, our sales networks has expanded to Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and US and South America, almost all over of the world. Meanwhile best quality will bring more confidence for customer and our sales, No bad news is good news. Efficiency become very inportant in our daily work. Quality is Our Culture !For serving as OEM/ODM order ,welcome to inqui...

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              For it is powerful,pratical young group team ,most of amazon/ebay/etsy e-commercial sellers are our stable customers.

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              AddressRom309, Jiangnan building, No.2nd Yongxiang Rd, Bantian, Longgang ,Shenzhen , China
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