EHPro Panzer Review

EHPro Panzer is a Mechanical MOD which is designed for very hard hit. It has a copper contact in form of floating centre pin within a stainless steel body. The bottom mounted firing switch ensures locking safety. The experienced vapers who prefer highly customizable mechanical MODs than fully automatic electronic devices highly appreciate Panzer Mechanical MODs.

EHPro Panzer Review with respect to its –

Features and Technical Specifications:

  • High quality Stainless steel body gives excellent durability.
  • It has Modular size Interchangeable tubes that allows 18350, 18490, 18500 and 18650 IMR  LiMh button or flat top batteries
  • It has 510 threaded connection to allow any 510 Atomizers, Clearomizers and Cartomizers
  • Copper made floating center pin having inner adjustable screw ensures proper adjustment.
  • Copper made firing pin has in-built complete lock safety with soft lock mechanism.
  • Vented holes on body are there to facilitate good air flow.
  • The locking ring has reverse threading.
  • A dimension with 25.5 mm diameter is quite convenient and compact.
  • Each Panzer MOD is having individual serial number.
  • The company logo is engraved on the steel body.

Advantages of EHPro Panzer Mechanical MOD:

  • The design is close to the original version with more options of customization.
  • The copper floating pin contact gives better conductivity.
  • The MOD has very high throat hit and lungs hit. So it is just superb for hard vapers while starter are not likely to endure the level of vaping. It is especially designed to satisfy very addicted smokers.
  • The 510 eGo threaded connection makes it compatible with most devices since 510 threading is very common in leading atomizers, clearomizers or cartomizers.
  • The EHPro Panzer MOD is distinct for its Bottom Mounted Switch which has good safety measure for the locking ring.
  • The centre pin is adjustable and air holes can also be adjusted to control the vaping intensity.
  • EHPro has also cloned an excellent 1.1 clone MOD which is very close in design to the original version and the array of features is even more customizable.
  • It does not have any electronic circuit.

Price and Availabality:

The clone product is available at $ 59.95 as against its MRP 69.95 and thus giving you an opportunity to save $ 10.00. The kit contains modular sized interchangeable tubes. The special offer price sold online stainless steel finish Panzer MOD at $ 52.99 and Black Hawk colored body at $ 54.99. Check online for the most profitable price offer.

EHPro Panzer Review Suggestions:

An impartial product review would suggest you to remember the following points –

  • This is a non-electronic advanced vaping device and may not suit inexperienced vapers.
  • Some the online traders like AquaVapor LLCallow no return or exchange of the product even if reported ‘Dead on Arrival’. Think before purchasing from them. You can better purchase it from a physical store for getting the device in working condition.
  • Since you will be building your atomizer, the company is not liable for any damage of battery or else.
  • There is no electronic circuit and automatic safety measure in EHPro Panzer Mechanical MOD.

EHPro Omega RDA Review

EHPro Omega RDA is a stout Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer manufactured by EHPro that has received great appreciation from vapers’ community. Just like other dripping re-buildable atomizers Omega is also for strong vaping with remarkable vapor production and burning throat hit. Veteran vapers who like vaping to the limit level of ‘lung hit’ by deeply inhaling the vapors produced, are surely going to like EHPro Omega RDA. $ 22.99

EHPro Omega RDA Review for its

Features with Technical Specifications:

  • The Atomizer has home for both single and dual coil.
  • The air flow can be increased and decreased as per requirement through pre-drilled air holes.
  • The Atomizer body is made with scratch resistant polished stainless steel.
  • Omega Atomizer is 30 mm in height or length and 22 mm in diameter.
  • Total Weight is just 8.00 ounces.
  • Color available color so far is stainless steel.
  • Connection is 510 eGo threads.
  • It has big workable area to accommodate wick configurations.
  • The dimensions: Diameter is 20mm/ .78” and height is 50 mm/ 1.97”. Liquid Capacity is large with Dripper
  • Total Number of Posts is 3
  • 3 Philips head screws are present in the device.
  • The kit includes one small drip tips and one large drip tips.


A compact all inclusive kit:

The Atomizer package contains all necessary parts and some spares -

  • An EHPro Omega Re-buidable Dripping Atomizer.
  • Two dip trips – One Short Stainless Steel Drip tip and One Large Drip tip.
  • 2 mm of Braided Silica Hollow of approximately 6 inches.
  • 32- Gauge Kanthal Wire of approximately 6 inches.
  • Extra Replacement O-Rings
  • A small Phillips-Head Screwdriver

Thus the kit provides all possible equipments to mend your own device.

Advantages and Benefits of EHPro Omega RDA:

  • It is very robust stainless steel made dripping atomizer.
  • You can easily build single or double coils due to presence of three posts.
  • Adjustable air holes enable you to control air flow for consistent standard vaping. You can enjoy great ‘lung hit’ along with strong throat hit along with brilliant flavor.
  • The buildable desk has a surrounding of deep drip well that allows more space for wicks. Thus it is capable of holding comparatively more liquid than other drippers without leakage.
  • The top cap covering the base of the atomizer produces a flush and imparts a uniform look to the device.
  • EHpro is a quite big dripper with a large air holes, a big building deck and deep drip well which can  produce huge vapors.

EHPro Omega RDA Review at the bottom line:

For best performance of Omega you should check the resistance of a new coil with the help of a multi-meter or a resistance meter before using it to avoid damage. Though the variable output device has in-built power cut off system when resistance goes down below 1.2 ohm.

Use a MODE safety fuse or a kick module if an unprotected battery is used. Always try to use IMR rechargeable batteries or PCB protected batteries.

EHPro Nimbus V3 RDA Review

EHPro Nimbus V3 RDA is a re-buildable atomizer for all types of vapers who want real flavor of their favorite e juice and huge vapor per drag by dripping technique.

EHPro Nimbus V3 RDA Review regarding its –

Technical Specifications and features:

  • The product has its origin in Guangdong city of China and was first marketed by EHPro.
  • Matials used to make the body is either Stainless Steel or PC.
  • The Nimbus RDA is FCC, CE and ROHS Ceritified.
  • Available color so far is stainless steel.
  • Available in Gift Box and regular carton.
  • Connection is 510 eGo threads.
  • The resistance of the atomizer coil can be customized.
  • The dimensions: Diameter is 20mm/ .78” and height is 50 mm/ 1.97”. Liquid Capacity is large with Dripper
  • Total Number of Posts is 3
  • The Atomizer can accommodate Single, double to Quad Coil configuration.


Advantages of Nimbus V3 RDA as compared to similar products:

  • High quality stainless steel body is crack and scratch proof. Thus there is no chance of leakage.
  • The air inlet is placed in the middle of the atomizer tube to allow smooth passage of air and huge volume of vapors.
  • The coil head is designed innovatively and is different from other 510 atomizers.
  • Changing wick and wire is very easy and hassle free.
  •  Changing e liquid is also super easy. You can frequently change e juice without mixing of test and flavor. It is easy to clean the atomizer interior.
  • 510 eGo threads impart compatibility with all popular 510 devices.
  • Resistance is also customizable.
  • Unlike other re-buildable dripping atomizers, easy handing makes Nimbus V3 RDA suitable for all level of vapers, provided they endure strong throat hit.
  • The size is quite smaller than other RDAs.
  • The Nimbus V3 with its fairly high lip around the perimeter can hold up to 1ml of juice for over drippers, if supported by enough wicking. So you don’t need to worry about leaking through the air holes. Cotton is a better choice as wick material.

Price and Shipping Facility:

Discount price is offered if ordered min 20 piece.  Payment is to be made via T/T, Western Union or paypal. Delivery time is 5 to 7 days after placing order. Shipping and delivery to customer is made by DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS & FEDEX. You have to pay the shipping charge which is calculated on delivery and depends on size of the order. The traders track your shipment until delivered.

Take certain Precautions to have Great Vape with EHPro Nimbus V3 RDA:

  • Check the resistance using a multimeter or a resistance meter before using the atomizer to avoid damage. Though the variable output device has in-built power cut off system when resistance goes down below 1.2 ohm.
  • Use MODE safety fuse or a kick module if by chance you use an unprotected battery as a precaution. Always try to use PCB protected or IMR rechargeable batteries.

A starter in most cases enhance his vaping level with EHPro Nimbus V3 RDA, probably because it is the most user friendly and economic RDA.

EHPro Helios RDA Review

The experienced vapers who like to build their own wicks and coils are sure to love EHPro Helios Re-buildable Atomizer.

PHPro Heleios RDA Review on its –

1. Features and Technical Specifications:

  • The Place of product Origin is Mainland China.
  • Material used is Stainless Steel.
  • The PHPro RDA atomizer is very light weight. It is only 105 gm.
  • Battery required for Helios RDA is 18650
  • This is a mechanical MOD with no circuit board.
  • There are dual bases O-rings.
  • Air flow can be adjusted
  • Available Blade colors are chrome, purple, orange, blue, pink, rose red and black.
  • The product is shipped in a neutral gift pack.

2. Advantages of PHPro RDA as compared to others:

  • It has a robust stainless steel body which is more durable than copper body as manufactured by Fozgar. Copper may react with air without proper coating. Steel is less expensive too.
  • EHPro Helios RDA can be easily dismantled and cleaned.
  • Its capacity is quite big.
  • This atomizer can produce huge vapors with no burning test.
  • Unlike re-buildable atomizers other of other brands EHPro Helios RDA gives 6 months product warranty. If damage is due to your mishandling, the company is not responsible for that.
  • Test and flavor are just perfect, whatever be the e liquid used. Only you need to know how to drip e juice on the atomizer coil.
  • You get variety of colors to choose from apart from usual steel and black colors.
  • Conductivity of the HDPro Helios RDA is superb.

3. Economy in Cost and Mode of shipment:

The product is also available as EHPro Helios RDA Clone in attractive black color at only $ 24.99 if ordered at least 10 units. The payment for shipping is to be made through T/T, Western Union and Paypal. You also get reward points and discount on future purchase the basis of these points. Deliver may vary from 3 to 5 working days depending on the quantity ordered and distance. The whole sale supply may take 3 to 7 days. OEM order is to be delivered within 7 to 10 days after getting sample confirmation. However, the shipping charge is to be paid in addition in case of ordering less than 10 units.

Some cautions for the best performance:

  • Never use a stack battery for your EHPro Helios RDA or any MOD.
  • Always feed protected battery in you RDA or any other devices. In case you have to insert any unprotected battery, use a MOD safety fuse as security measure.
  • Before start vaping you should clean the contact pin, firing pin, threads of the tubes and interior of all the tube by dismantling your EHPro Helios RDA with a microfiber towel and alcohol to wipe out the machine oil used in manufacturing. Oil reduces the conductivity of the atomizer.
  • Re-buildable Dripping Atomizers are meant for advanced vapers who are exper in handling electronic cigarettes and fitting wicks.

Go through PHPro Heleios RDA Review to know whether it is suitable for you or not.

EHPro Dynast 26650 MOD Review

EHPro Dynast 26650 MOD is another marvelous addition in the field of personal vaporizer or MOD. It is a power mechanical MOD brought in the market originally by EHypro.

EHypro Dynast 26650 MOD Review covering

Technical Product Specifications:

  • Body is built high quality Stainless Steel.
  • The dimension with 95 mm length and 30 mm diameter is portable.
  • The connection is of 510 type.
  • Shipping weight is 362 gm.
  • The pin is adjustable.
  • There is spring switch as regulator.
  • It can work with 26650 batteries.
  • Available in Stainless steel colours.
  • EHPro logo is engraved in the MOD with unique serial number.
  • EMS, DHL  and any China registered airmail service ships the kit.

Features and Advantages as compared to similar products:

  • It normally takes 26650 batteries. But the kit contains an additional 18650 white delrin tube which when inserted into the MOD enables the user to use 18650 type batteries too.
  • Silver plated copper made pins imparts good conductivity with little voltage drop.
  • The product is shipped in an attractive gift box. So you can gift it to your vaper friend if you so wish.
  • Common 510 and 510 eGo threading is gives it maximum compatibility with most tanks and e liquid.
  • This hi-tech mechanical MOD without any PCB is quite safe.
  • The 26650 battery that come with the kit has pure magnetic button.
  • Normally advanced MODs do not offer any product warranty. But the company gives you warranty for 90 days.
  • Health Cabin allows EHPro Big Buddha Kayfun Style 26650 re-buildable atomizers and KangerTech Aoro-tank Giant Glass clearomoizers to perfectly fit with EHPro Dynast 26650 MOD

Competitive Price:

Different online shopping outlets like Amazon, Mad Vape and others supply EHPro Dynast 26650 MOD in different offer prices if bought in bulk. The normal price is $ 59.00 per kit. Shipping charge is calculated on delivery in addition. But if you are a whole-sale buyer ordering in bulk, then you can avail the MOD at the rate $ 39.99 only. Besides on an ordering over $ 250 from Health Cabin an individual can enjoy free shipping. If you are having discount codes with Health Cabin, you can get discount even in an offer just above $ 100. If you face any problem in using your EHypro Dynast 26650 MOD, there is a 24 hours help line to assist you in resolving the same. You can also submit your queries and complaints.

EHPro Dynast 26650 MOD Review – Some points in to remember for best Performance:

  • You should always insert the positive end of the battery so that the positive end is towards the top and negative end faces the bottom when the MOD is kept on a table or so.
  • Use only protected batteries of reputed brands like AW, Sony, MNKE or eFest. Poor quality battery may cause not firing of the MOD while pressing the switch and even explosion.
  • If you use unprotected batteries, then use a MOD safety fuse as well.

With proper care EHPro Dynast 26650 MOD is sure to give best vaping experience.